Iron Fence for Small Dogs and Pets – Puppy Picket Style

Wrought Iron Puppy Picket Fence
Wrought Iron Puppy Picket Fence


Iron fence in Puppy Picket style is one of our newer style offerings that we keep in stock.  This style adds an additional rail and smaller 22 inch tall pickets between the main pickets to close that picket gap to an under 2 inch wide air gap.

If you have a smaller dog, that tighter picket spacing keeps smaller dogs from walking or squirming through the pickets.  They are also a nice decorative touch if you just want a panel style with a little more going on than the Classic style.


4x4 Iron Gate with Puppy Pickets
4×4 Iron Gate with Puppy Pickets


We stock the iron Puppy Picket fence style in 4ft (48in) and 5ft (60in) tall along with matching 4ft and 5ft wide single gates as well as 8ft and 10ft wide double gates.  We also sell all the accompanying posts and hardware.

If you have a small dog you need to keep in the yard, check out our Puppy Picket style iron fence on our website HERE or in our price book catalog HERE.

Feel free to give us a call at 800-261-2729 or shoot us an email at [email protected] if we can help with any questions or to put a quote together for you.


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