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Iron Fence Shop® Videos

  • What to Expect When Taking Delivery of Your Fence or Gate Order

  • Do You Offer Samples of Your Fence and Gates?

  • Iron Fence Shop® - About Us

  • 6 Things to Know Before Ordering a Fence Or Gate

  • How Do I Order an Iron or Aluminum Fence from Your Website?

  • 5 Things to Look for When Buying a Wrought Iron, Steel or Aluminum Driveway Gate

  • 5 Things to Look for When Buying a Wrought Iron, Ornamental Steel or Aluminum Fence

  • Iron Fence vs Aluminum Fence - Which is Better?

  • Which Iron Fence or Aluminum Fence Height is Best for My DIY Project?

  • Iron and Aluminum Fence Finials - Why are They Important?

  • Iron Fence vs. Aluminum Fence – Can You Tell the Difference?

  • Fence and Gate Terminology

  • What is the Difference Between Traditional Grade and Signature Grade Iron and Aluminum Fence?

  • Do I Need Traditional Grade or Signature Grade Materials for My Project?

  • Using Add-on Decorations for a Unique Look on Your Iron or Aluminum Fence

  • The Different Types of Aluminum Fence Posts

  • Racking an Aluminum Fence Panel to Follow Yard Grade

  • Iron and Aluminum Gate Hinge Options

  • Wrought Iron and Aluminum Gate Latch Options

  • Can I DIY Install an Iron or Aluminum Fence on My Own?

  • Wrought Iron Fence DIY Installation

  • Installing Iron and Aluminum Post Caps

  • Surface Mount Posts for Iron and Aluminum Fence

  • Aluminum Fence DIY Installation

  • Dealing with Hills, Slopes and Grades when DIY Installing an Iron Fence or Aluminum Fence

  • Marking the Fence Layout and Setting Your Posts

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