Customer Testimonials

See the map below for all the countries and states we’ve shipped our Stronghold Iron and Infinity Aluminum products to. Below the map, click to see some completed DIY project photos and testimonials from our many satisfied customers!

A Custom Order Testimonial from Florida!

Jason: Thank you for the superb instructions. Mission accomplished! Finished today at noon. I'm sending you several photos, beginning with the entrance. Iron Fence Shop: superior product, great company and wonderful people who make it all happen. Thanks so much.

A Testimonial from Tennessee!

My wife and I would like to thank you for being a part of our dream home build. The fencing met all our expectations and looks great for a very affordable price.

A Testimonial from West Virginia!

Here is a completed picture of our traditional classic iron fence. We are very happy with the outcome!

A Testimonial from Colorado!

Here is a shot of my fence. Shipment came well packaged. Cut all sections to my spacing and installation of sections as well as gate was simple. Thanks for your customer service and product.

A Testimonial from Virginia!

Hey Jason: Finished the fence job day before yesterday, and I have to say it came out pretty well. Almost perfect, in fact. All the bits you sent fit together as designed, a place for everything and everything in its place. I'm real happy with the way it turned out, and the fact that I saved prolly $8K on the installation by doing it myself (which only took about 30 hours, at the most) is pretty awesome as well. Well done, Iron Fence Shop!

A Testimonial from Washington State!

We put the fence, gates and solar controllers in ourselves at 69 years old. It turned out beautiful and really dresses up our entrance. The Iron Fence Shop was great to work with and very helpful. Thank you, Iron Fence Shop, for your beautiful well-made products! Your YouTube videos were extremely helpful.

A Testimonial from Texas!

I finished the installation a couple of days ago and I want to say thank you for all the help you gave me. I did finally watch one last video you have in your library about do-it-yourself installation. I want add one more thing with all the help that you provide even a blind guy can do this because I am almost totally blind.

An Aluminum Fence Testimonial from Hawaii

Mahalo for all your help designing our fence. We love it!

A Testimonial from Washington State

Hi Jason. Hope all is well. Project is pretty well done. Thought I would send a couple photos. You are welcome to add them to your site photo album if you would like. My wife and I are very happy with your fence and proud of how it looks with our 1909 home. Thank you for all your help!

An Iron Fence Testimonial from California!

Hi Jason, Here are some pics. We really love the product and service. The fence dressed up the entryway/ courtyard very nicely. Thanks, Ron

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Florida!

Hi Jason, Here’s a couple of pictures of the fence. We are very happy with the results. Thanks so much! Glenn

An Iron Fence with Decorations Testimonial from Colorado!

Hi Jason, Completed iron fence install last fall. Thought you might like to see the result. We like the finished product. Fred P.

A Hoop Style Iron Fence Testimonial from New York!

Dear Jason; Fence is all in and we Iove the look. It looks great although as you can see from pics we have a lot more work to do on the garden etc. Denise W.

An Iron Fence Testimonial from California!

Jason, I just wanted to follow up about our wrought iron fence. Thank you for all your assistance with the design and ordering of the fence. The shipment worked out fine and we found a great contractor to install the fence. We couldn't believe that they did the whole thing in a day and a half! We're really happy with the way it turned out. In particular, using the larger posts with base plates worked out really well. I should also mention that we've got a lot of compliments from the neighbors. And we feel great that the kids can safely play in the yard now. Included a few pictures for you. Thanks!

A Custom Iron Fence Testimonial from Illinois!

Jason, Here are some photos of the installed fence. It looks great! Thanks, John

An Iron Fence Testimonial from North Carolina!

Hi Jason, We are totally thrilled with the outcome of our project using your fence. In my opinion the flange covers you sourced for us enhance the overall look of the fence. Thank you for locating the those for us. We had a landscape crew construct the block wall and set the gate posts in cement; my wife and I followed you excellent installation guide & videos and assembled the fence & gate ourselves. It was one of the most satisfying projects we have done. We have another section of wooden fence in our yard that will need replacing at some point; when the time comes for us to do that, we will definitely be ordering more fencing from you. Thanks again for all your help! Sincerely, Hank and Judy Van Dorp

An Iron Puppy Picket Fence Testimonial from California!

Hi Jason, I trust you are well. I want to send you this photo and let you know how much we love your products! The fence came out beautiful! Paul

A Wrought Iron Testimonial from North Carolina!

To Whom It May Concern We want to commend Iron Fence Shop and our sales person, Jason Kauffman. Jason provided excellent customer service with our original fencing and gates purchase. He was quick and thorough and possessed great product knowledge. In addition, the product supplied by Iron Fence Shop was perfect for our needs. Recently, we needed Jason’s help for post sales assistance. He very quickly and graciously provided the required information and even reworked it for us with the same consistent enthusiasm and efficiency he provided in the original sale. Iron Fence Shop is the place to go for iron fencing, gates, and accessories. With much appreciation, Alexander and Ellen Baldwin

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Texas!

Jason, The project is finally finished. What a long journey but well worth it. The finished outcome is really pretty. What a transformation for this old house. Lots of lookers around the neighborhood. Lots of compliments on the fence. Thank you so much for all your help and wisdom on this project!!! Heather

A Custom Iron Gate Testimonial from Maryland!

You all did a quality job. The hinges make it work so smoothly. Seems like a simple thing, but can ruin an otherwise beautiful gate. I really appreciate all the work you all put into make this a reality. Thanks, David

A Wrought Iron Testimonial from New York!

As promised, I sent some pics. I hope this isn’t too many pics. The fence came out great and we are very pleased with it. Thanks for getting us everything we needed to finish the job. Regards, Greg

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Utah!

Jason, Here are a few pics of the fence. Thanks again. We love it! Ryan

A Wrought Iron Testimonial from Arizona!

Jason Here are some photos of the finished fence Everything went great! Greg

A Custom Wrought Iron Testimonial!

Good Afternoon Jason, Attached are several pictures of the house and fence. I think it really came out nice. I have received numerous compliments from neighbors and you can rest assured that if anyone inquires I will refer them to you. Thanks again for the great service!

A Long-Term Wrought Iron Testimonial from Texas!

Jason, Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your help. Especially since it's been 8 years. Great customer service. And a great fence to boot. Makes my small backyard not feel constrained and looks great with the landscaping (and mowed weeds). Attached are some pics I took if you want to use them for your website. Thanks again for all your help!

A Clearance Iron Fence Testimonial from New Mexico!

I like the way the steps over the walls worked out! You can see how gracefully the stepping worked out where there was a little slope. I loved my house before but I think this gives it an elegant touch. Thanks for the help, Roxanne S

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Florida!

Looks great! They will be finishing gate hardware tomorrow! Zeus loves his fence! - Brock

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Washington!

The fence made it here on time and I am done. You were awesome Jason! Thanks! - Mike

An Infinity Aluminum Fence Testimonial from Ohio!

The fence is great and all went well with installation. Jerry

An Infinity Aluminum Fence Testimonial from South Carolina!

Hey guys!! Now that the gates are finally installed, I wanted to send you some pics so you could see how great your fencing meshed with our old gates. Thanks again for all you help and support. You are the best group I have worked with in quite a while. Enjoy!! Kim R

A Custom Iron Fence Testimonial from South Carolina!

Good morning Jason. Our fence is up and I have attached some pics I took today. I appreciate all your help and the installation guide was a huge help.

A Iron Fence Testimonial from California!

We searched the entire market to identify the best iron fence to compliment our historic 1891 Victorian home located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jason's product is superior. His expert advice on the layout and design of the project was invaluable. And best of all, his personalized customer service made the process totally stress free. Thanks again and best regards, Tim

An Aluminum Fence Testimonial from South Carolina!

I meant to send this sooner, but things have gotten a bit busy between weather and doing the fencing. This is to let you know everything came in and was delivered with no damages of any kind. I was extremely impressed at the care your team spent on crating my order. I was a bit concerned with the snow we had delaying delivery, but once I saw how well the items were packaged and crated I stopped being concerned. Thank you for your help and I will be recommending Iron Fence Shop to everyone interested. Thanks again!

An Iron Fence Testimonial from South Carolina

Hi Jason Thanks so much for all of your help. We loved working with you and everything was exactly as you told us it would be in the order, delivery and installation process. I love the fence!!!

An Aluminum Fence Testimonial from Minnesota!

Thanks Jason. I'd be happy to share some photos for the gallery. Count me in as a fully satisfied customer. You did a great job helping me all along the way!

A Wrought Iron Fence Testimonial from Georgia!

Hi Jason, We finished installing the fence panels and gate. My patio looks beautiful and elegant. Here are some photos. With the fence panels installed, I think mine is now the best looking patio in the neighborhood. Most of my neighbors built theirs in the old fashion way - elevated wooden deck with roof shingles, some covered with wire screen, etc., etc...very ordinary looking, I think. The fence panels really look sturdy and added more security to my house. Lilian

An Iron Driveway Gate Testimonial from Texas

Hi Jason, We love our gate. Photo per your request attached Thank you, Greg

An Iron Fence Testimonial from Maryland!

Hi Jason, As promised, here are a few photos of the finished fence project. We LOVE this fence. Outstanding product and customer service. Thank you! Craig

A Testimonial from CA!

I wanted to replace the existing wooden fence and gate because of extensive termite damage. I had 15 sections to install. The after photos show the great results with your fence material.

A Testimonial from NY!

Dear Jason, On behalf of the Eastville Community Historical Society and the Sag Harbor Partnership, Michael and I would like to commend you on the extraordinary service we received from you and to acknowledge the high quality of the fence we have installed around the St. David AME Zion Church Cemetery here in Sag Harbor. I attach a few photos for you and please feel free to share our enthusiasm with your other customers. We are grateful to you for your patience and support throughout the long process of making this fence's installation possible, and have submitted the most positive review possible to the BBB. We will also post on Yelp. Very best regards, April Gornik & Michael Butler

An Iron Fence and Iron Driveway Gate Testimonial from Florida

I broke open the box on Saturday and completed all add on decorations...It looks AWESOME! Thanks again for your consistent communication along the way of my fence journey. It's not everyday I spend several thousands over an internet transaction so your immediate responses certainly were appreciated. Oh yeah I've got people stopping I don't know, wanting to know where to buy this. Cheers!

An Iron Fence Testimonial from Florida!

Wanted to thank you your help. Fence looks great. Installation went well! Sincerely, Mark.

An Iron Fence Testimonial from NJ!

Hey Josh, The fencing looks great. Lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. Here's a few photos. Thanks, Dave

An Aluminum Fence Testimonial from Kansas!

Jason, See some quick photos of our fence. Had a couple of friends help out one weekend, otherwise it was a husband-wife DIY project. Fence goes well with the property and we're very happy with it. We may be bugging you again in the near future for the gate. Take care, and thanks for your help. Keith

A Gate Testimonial from GA!

Jason, I wanted to share before and after pictures of my gate. I'm very happy with the product. - Norm

A Testimonial from Kentucky!

Hi Jason, We got some fencing from you last Spring and used it for part of our front and side yards. (see attached photo of side yard). Very happy with it. We're planning on getting more for the back but we're waiting to get a pool installed. Also have a couple of other old rental buildings where we're thinking of using your fencing. Just not quite there yet. Best, John S.

A Testimonial from Oregon

Jason: An impressive website with much more to offer the consumer. I see you provided some additional visual details that certainly enhance your products, in particular, the DIY photos. Wow! The fencing materials we purchased from you last year were just as you described them and it was one of the easiest projects to complete on the restoration. Without question, you made this easy. We had everything lined out and completed in two days. Without question, it has been the perfect compliment for maximizing the curb appeal to our house verified by so many wonderful compliments from friend, neighbors, members of the community and visitors. We are in the process now of completing the final piece of the project in the back of the property which includes a 2500 sq. ft shop-garage-storage building, a great deal of landscaping, the need for a gate and perhaps some additional fencing to enhance a large companion garden. Rest assured we will be contacting you once more. Again, a great website Jason. Anthony J

A Testimonial from PA!

Your customer support has been fantastic. We have received many compliments on our fence and I have referred your product by name to those who have inquired. The price was also good as we were able to buy and install your commercial grade product at nearly the same price as competitors residential grade (8' spacing instead of 6' means less posts, labor, concrete). If I get some better pictures of the fence this spring, I will try to forward them on.

A Testimonial from Georgia!

Thanks for the great looking work!

An Iron Fence Testimonial from PA!

Hi Jason, You can certainly use our experience as a testimonial as far as we're concerned; your service was always quick, helpful and friendly. The youtube videos and the printed info was all helpful, and the product itself is really pretty splendid. The installers liked working with it, and it only took the two of them about a day and a half to do the whole job. The house (built in 1888) is right on the campus so that lots of people see it every day, and there has been nothing but enthusiastic praise, and lots of it, for the impact the fence has had on College Avenue. I'm so glad there is a place like yours that provides a product that can be confidently used to help restore historic neighborhoods in this way. Scott in PA

A Testimonial from Washington!

Jason & Friends, The fence looks great around the pool and is surprisingly solid. There was 11 of us there on the 4th of july weekend and I heard numerous comments on how beautiful it turned out. We must have spent half of the time in the pool area that weekend! Thanks for the good advice on going with Iron! Justin Wilaby

A Testimonial from New Jersey!

Sheena and the entire Iron Fence Shop Team, We at Effective Sign Works wanted to thank you for your wonderful fence sections you provided to us for this project. They couldn't have worked any better and achieved the exact look we were going for. Granted we only ordered two sections and not hundreds, you guys treated us as a valuable customer just the same and it was a pleasure working with you all. We Thank you again and we now have the only fence vendor we will ever use. Rich Bergeron Effective Sign Works

A Testimonial from North Carolina!

Jason - Thank you for your great customer service. We completed the project and thought you might be interested in what it looks like. Please tell Sheena Thank You for us too.

A Testimonial from Texas!

Hey Guys, The fence is installed and looks great. Thanks for a nice product and service. Richard

An Infinity Aluminum Testimonial from Florida

Can't say enough good things about the people and products at Iron Fence shop. From the start they were knowledgeable, willing to spend time helping me plan my project and advising me on what to purchase. The gate and fencing were well made, fairly priced, and arrived promptly. No surprises and the result looks great. Kudos to them! Ken Taylor

A Customer Service Testimonial from Cameron B. in NV!

I went online with a basic idea of what I wanted in order to make a small courtyard in front of my house in NV. I had more questions about whether it would be possible than actual design plans. When I went to the website, a chat window immediately popped up and I was able to ask questions, give measurements and discuss possibilities and options without playing phone tag or getting any run-around. Within about 60 minutes, I went from a basic idea to project design, CAD blueprints and a price quote that met my budget. This type of exceptional customer service is hard to find these days and should be recognized.

A Stronghold Iron Testimonial from Mike in Colorado!

Hello Iron Fence folks…. Here’s how a section of my project turned out and the plantings filled it. It was finished with flagstone last year. I love how the iron fence offers a formal structure, privacy but not exclusion, and security without being rude. I used 3-foot sections mounted to the pilasters. I installed the iron myself and installed the gate and gate posts myself. Enjoy. I’ll have more photos this spring. -Mike S.

A Customer Service Testimonial from Jeff P. in Louisiana!

"Y’all are the best! Seriously, best internet based company I have ever dealt with."

Chris Friloux

All done with my fence and satisfied with the final design layout. I customized it with puppy guards by adding 1/2 inch aluminum flat stock screwed to the pickets. Thanks again! - Chris

A Testimonial from Kansas

Jason, I wanted to thank you and all the people of Iron Fence Shop for quality material. My father and I put up my fence in about 5 hours and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have attached a few photos of the finished project. Now we have the make the rest of the yard as beautiful as our fence from Iron Fence Shop. Respectfully Buddy Nash

An Iron Fence Testimonial from Pennsylvania

Our fence is finally installed! Jake and I ended up installing it ourselves over the course of two weekends. It was fairly simple—the only difficulties were removing large rocks and the occasional root that prevented the hydraulic post-hole digger from going any deeper—and the compliments have not stopped! Comments from neighbors and frequent passers by stopped to chat about the fence. "You don't see fences like this anymore, " "What a well made fence," "Tell me more about where you bought this," we heard repeatedly. We are really thrilled with how it improves our yard and residence not to mention the peace of mind knowing our kids and dogs are safe to play in the yard.

An Iron Fence Testimonial from Pennsylvania

Love the fence! Only took an hour to install. Buck Place

A Testimonial from Michigan

Hello Jason, Well I finally am getting around to sending you pictures of the fence we bought from you last spring. Sorry it took so long. We are very pleased with it and have received a number of complements from the neighbors. You have a great product and very well engineered for the do-it-your-seller like me. I only wish everything I bought was as good an experience as I have had with you guys and your product. Mike Shirilla

A Custom Iron Testimonial from North Carolina

"Please see the enclosed photos. The fence is beautiful. It is well designed. I am well pleased. - Carolyn"

A Testimonial from Massachusetts!

I spent a lot of time researching different options and ultimately chose Iron Fence Shop for a few reasons. The product as a whole compared favorably to much larger, more well known companies and the extra work they do to weld the decorative finials truly is unique. Perhaps more importantly, working with Jason and staff at Iron Fence Shop was a pleasure. Not only were they professional and pleasant in answering my endless questions, but they were truly engaged in my project and had a genuine interest in making sure it was done right.

A Testimonial from Richmond, VA

I was extremely impressed with the ease of installation and quality of the fence I purchased! The staff was also very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any product questions I had. We have already received many complements on how beautiful the fence looks in front of our home. I would highly recommend Iron Fence Shop to anyone looking for a high quality, easy, do-it-yourself fence installation experience! – Mark G., Richmond, VA

A Testimonial from Washington State

Hello Joe, Just finished installation of the fence and wanted you to see a few pics of it. I’m very pleased with the results. Gerry Wallace

Another Testimonial from Tennessee

This fence looks beautiful. It has really enhanced our property. We've had so many comments on it from friends and strangers alike. This is a superior quality product with an authentic iron "high end " look. We are careful buyers and did a lot of shopping around before making this purchase. It was definitely the right decision. Thank you Jason for your patience and great customer service throughout the process. Lynn and Cecilia Edwards

A Testimonial from Tennessee

Hi Jason, I forgot to share some of the pics with you. Here is what the fence I ordered from you looks like completed. Very happy with the products. Joe LaFerrière

A testimonial from texas

Hi Jason, I am sending you a few photos of my completed fence project. I told you I would love this fence and I do. I put it up all by myself in just two weekends. The complicated slope angles I have were a cinch with these rackable fence panels. I can't wait until next spring when I can budget phase II that will be visible to the public because this is a very nice looking fence. Kendall

A testimonial from Ohio!

Mr. Kauffman --- Attached are photos of the iron fence installed around my new flower garden. I'm very pleased with the result, and am confident that I will continue to be as the plants grow and fill out. And for the holidays, Christmas lights! Installing iron fence is indeed a project, but the end result is well worth it. Feel free to use these photos in whatever capacity you wish, or of course not at all. Thanks! Todd Hill

A testimonial from New Jersey

Jason, The fence arrived last week and I put it up this past weekend. Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with it and appreciate all the help & service you provided. I've attached some pics for you next brochure!!! I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again!!! Daren Shaltis

Testimonial from Texas

I and my neighbors are very pleased with the fence. It not only protects the court yard from the deer but is very attractive. This was a DYI-er project. I would recommend the use of this product and use it again. Charles

Mike Riback

Thanks so much for your prompt and professional service!

Gabor and Maria Nyeste

Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure to do business with and your Company. If anyone needs a recommendation, feel free to use our names.

John Lodico

Thanks buddy. I will be sending out some pictures of the finished work. It came out great!!!! Thanks for all your help. I was a little nervous but I stuck to what you told me and everything came out perfect.

Joe P.

Everything arrived in good shape. It was a pleasure to work with you and your company with everything being perfectly handled and easy.


Thank you very much for your assistance regarding this matter. I was very impressed with your responsiveness and professionalism.

Scott Latimer

The fence is amazing and really, really looks good. Wow...I had no idea it would look like that. The place really pops now. I will send photos when the wife brings the camera by. You should see the thing and what it did for the look of the restaurant. Thanks guys for an awesome product. Good stuff!

Ron Garner

The fence is completed and looks great! I'll send pictures as soon as I get my deck rails built. I'm happy with the service you provide and the quality of your materials. I'd recommend you to anyone.


It's hard to get super good pics but I have two, it was pretty easy to do it just took some time to make sure everything was done right and the physical labor of the holes being dug. Thanks for all your help you were great and made the whole process painless.

Bill McClure

A few pics of the finished fence... people are stopping as they drive by and telling us how must they like the fence!!

Worth Lovett

Attached are pictures of my recently self-installed fence.


I just sent some pics of the custom fence I thought you might enjoy seeing. I believe they show what all can be done with this gorgeous fence.

Shaheda Sayied

My front yard sure looks very beautiful with your fence and gates.

Scott Mobley

Integrity is everything to me, and our words are what say who we are, and what ultimately what others think of us and remember of us, after our actions....and from that, I am very confident that you would be happy with doing business with Josh Manley and Jason Kauffman, and their company as a whole. I am glad to have found them myself for my business, which as I spoke of this AM, is based off of "value, integrity, quality and craftsmanship". I know these guys are that kind of group as well, from my many, many dealings with them. Which pleases me very much in todays times.


We are very happy with the way it went. It's a very nice and perfect choice. We\'re really happy about the quality and the service.

Kelly Freeman

We thoroughly researched our options when recently having a wrought iron fence installed around our back & side yards. We are thrilled with our choice to use the products from Iron Fence Shop! Josh was very helpful & easy to work with throughout the project. He communicated very well with us & our contractor, and it was an all-around pleasant experience!

Mike Reed

You had asked for some photos when we finished the install. You can clearly see from the photos that the center custom panel works great to accommodate the six inch rise in elevation. The end panels with the serpentine trail-off might be a new 'standard' option.


The guys at IronFenceShop went out of their way to be helpful in getting us all the initial information we needed about the product. The fence is of very good quality and installation was done with ease. As a general contractor we would recommend it to any of our future customers.

Juel Hammond

I ordered a 12 foot Iron gate and a section of fence from you on 5/27/2010. I explained what I wanted to do for a gate and you made recommendations that helped me decide on the configuration. When the order arrived I found that you had provided everything I needed for the installation. It looks awesome and is of very good quality, I am extremely pleased with it. I have and will continue to recommend your products to friends. I have attached some pictures of my Installation.

Josh Pomeroy

Please find attached photos of our fence now that I have installed and done initial landscaping. We are very pleased.

Jerry Schahfer

I had no previous experience installing any type of fencing and somewhat leery of taking this on without any professional help. The support before the project put me at ease enough to try it. The ordering and directions were easy to follow. Online support quickly responded to any questions and the project turned out much better than I expected. Very reasonable cost and I would highly recommend the product & service of to all homeowners. Will use again!

Jean Blanton

I can only say wonderful things about you, your company and your product. It is fun watching people slow down and look at the fence. Some stop and I can see them looking and nodding their heads smiling. I\'ve had several people call just to say how much they like it and elegant is the word that most of them use. I thank you for the compliments we get.

Harry Burn

I am delighted w/ the gates. They are attractive and functional. I will send a picture when the sun and milder weather return.

Guy Cuccio

Thanks for your outstanding personal effort to make my job come out perfect. Thank you for your detailed instructions. You and your company have done an outstanding job in helping me with this first time project. My personal regards and compliments to you and your staff.

Gary Neill

Attached are a couple of pictures of the fence you helped me with. I really appreciated all of your assistance.

Doug and Grace Trump

Our custom wrought iron fence looks awesome!

Don Pellow

This project has been a blast. I owe you guys a big thanks for delivering a really good product at a reasonable price. I have a pool and am starting to plan a fence now so I'll probably be ordering again.


Here are some photos of my fence project that you are free to use. Thanks for your help.

Debbie & Marshall

Thought I would send you a few pix to choose from if you would like to use them. It looks great!

David J. Whitcomb

Last year I ordered fence from you company. Attached you will find a few pics of the finished project. I am very satisfied with your product and love the way the project turned out. I now recommend you to anyone who I hear is going to install fence.


All in all you have a great product and I would recommend it to anyone.

Calvin Gaddis

Thanks, this project has been a blast. I owe you guys a big thanks for delivering a really good product at a reasonable price.


Project turned out great. Hope the photos help.


The fence turned out great and I have attached some finished product pictures below as well. Thanks for all your help.

Bob Nine

I am very happy with it and telling many friends. You will most likely get some calls as a result.

Pete Brown

My name is Pete Brown. I purchased my gates , operators, fence and other misc. parts from your web site & very happy with the products!!! More importantly the sales /rep. (Joshua) is the reason I purchased everything from your site!!! I have never installed gates before. He explained everything from A-Z in complete detail to me, made me feel very comfortable in proceeding with the purchase. I feel your business gave me more than a great deal!!!! The personal communication between Josh and myself made it a pleasure!!! Thanks to all!!! The 1st impression at my house has improved 100%

Lynn Walden

I would like to express my appreciation to your staff during my recent purchase. We were looking for a fencing product and didn't want to make the same mistake as previously when we went with a "large super store" and got an inferior product that did not hold up well. I found your website and was impressed with the quality of the fencing as well as the sharpness of the website. I decided to call and within only a few minutes, I had given my measurements and design to your staff and an order was completed. Not only was the fencing "Superior" quality, the shipment arrived in record speed!! I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great product and knowledgeable staff.

Dennis Sasser

You have a great product and I am glad I went with your product over others I was looking to buy. Not only is the style to our liking, the Victorian hoop and picket, the finish was better than others I had seen and your fence product was easy to install. I have never installed a fence in my life up to this point and I was able to install and get a great deal of accuracy due to your instructions and the product. You have a great product and we wish you well into the future. We hope you sell many and if you need any referrals on your company or your product, call me or have the prospective buyer call me. Your product is great!

Sherry K. Martin

We finally have it up and have the gates on. You had asked about some pictures, so I will attach the pictures I have! Thank you so much we are very proud of the iron fence work!! Everything worked out well with what we already had using some existing wood panels and iron posts. Thanks again for all your help when I was trying to get everything measured!

The Deals

I just installed this fence myself over the weekend (after the concrete had cured of course). Jason at The Iron Fence Shop was very helpful answering all my questions...which i had many...and getting my order ship right away. We actually received it in a couple of days after the order was placed. I'm very happy with the sales, customer service, and the product.

Silviano and Carol Fulgencio

Per your request here at last are some pix of the fence panel installed. We are very pleased with our little courtyard.

Jeff Peterson

I want to thank you for the great service and the beautiful aluminum fence. We have had more positive compliments on the fence than we can count! Our entire experience in dealing with you and your company was top notch!

Clarke Campbell

Thanks so much for your excellent service and guidance on our gate project. We've completed installation and customer is very happy. Everything worked out great. I've included some photos. Thanks again.

Mike and Catharine Lamb

We're sending a couple of photos of our completed fence project. It turned out awesome! It's been a traffic stopper, literally, and everybody in town loves it. We may have sent a customer or two your way as a result. Thanks for all your help!

Dan Gano

Unpacked fence everything looks good. Very happy with quality of fence.

Covington Iron Works

We have been searching for quality iron fence suppliers for a while; -Iron Fence Shop proved our preferred choice at the end. Our queries were addressed the same day. Cost estimates were available instantly, too; -, all plain, and easy to understand. It was extremely helpful to receive fence samples beforehand. Quality and price of Iron Fence products could not be matched by local suppliers, and shipping price did not really make any significant impact on the final cost. We loved dealing with the same person throughout the process, -a rare bonus, these days. We would have no hesitation to make our future iron fence purchases from Iron Fence Shop, again; -good job!


I can't say how much I (and my neighbors) are so happy with the services and the fences from IronFenceShop. We were pretty skeptical about the whole internet shopping for large items, especially for those related with construction. We are completely convinced now that internet shopping is the way to go. We spend only half of what we would have spent otherwise, and the whole neighborhood is completely transformed. We are especially so grateful to the sales team of IronFenceShop, they make sure that we receive the products on time (within just 1 week), delivered professionally and that we are completely happy with their products and services. I would strongly recommend this online store to anybody interested. Again, thank you IronFenceShop!

Stuart & Lynn Thompson

We wanted a wrought iron fence for the front yard of our Spanish style house. It needed to be both decorative and functional. I had a couple of bids for the job and then searched the web until I found Iron Fence Shop. Jason sent me a bid and the price was lower than the other bids so I talked to him about the quality of the fencing. Jason said he would send me a small section of the fence to look at and I got it the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by sample; it had an excellent quality look and feel. I decided to save even more and do the installation myself. The fence arrived as scheduled and was well packaged to prevent damage during the shipment. Included with the materials was a can of black spray paint, adhesive for the post caps, and the two drill bits required for the installation. All I needed was a posthole digger, drill, concrete, level, reciprocating saw, and a friend to help with the panels. I set and leveled the posts a few inches less than the 8 foot fence sections, just to make sure the space was not over 8 feet. The installation of the panels was easy with the self taping screws used for the fence brackets. If you can dig a post hole, mix concrete, use a level, cut metal, drill a hole, have a friend, and want to save money, this is the way to go. We continually get compliments on the fence. It looks great, requires no maintenance, was easy to install, and we are very happy.