Wrought Iron Fence

Our Stronghold Iron® fencing is the obvious choice when you want that old world look with modern performance. Authentic sand cast iron finials adorn the top of each picket and are included as standard on every fence we sell. Each finial, picket / rail intersection and gate frame is fully welded for unsurpassed strength & security. We hot-dip galvanize every component for superior rust protection, then it's put through a multistage pretreatment wash and finally coated with a TGIC fade-resistant polyester powder coat finish. This thorough process allows us to issue a 25 Year Warranty; one of the longest in the industry.


Our Classic iron fence is our best seller due to it's timeless look that goes with many different architectural designs. The Quad Flair Finial is sand cast rather than die cast resulting in a slightly rougher, more organic look and feel. As a proper fence should, each finial is welded to each picket NOT glued or screwed like the competition. Our most versatile fence; it will age like a fine wine and never go out of style.

Classic - Rackable

Our Classic Rackable iron fence is a complementary companion to our standard Classic iron fence. It utilizes the same pickets, rails and sand cast iron finials as the Classic panels, but allows you to rack or bias the panel to follow steeper slopes in your yard where stair-step installation isn't possible. Each Classic Rackable panel can handle up to a 15in drop over each 6ft wide fence panel.

Hoop and Picket

Our Hoop & Picket iron fence is the quintessential style that most people think of when you say wrought iron fence. Our craftsman bend each hoop by hand over a picket that has our quad flair finial welded to it; completing this vintage look. Although seen in the front yards of most southern homes and around family cemetaries, it is also popular around playgrounds, patios and on top of walls.

Puppy Picket

Our Puppy Picket iron fence has shorter 18" pickets at the bottom of the fence panel between the normal full length pickets along with welded quad flair finials on both. This is a popular design queue from wrought iron fences of yesteryear that we capitalize on to create a functional fence for pets. With just 1.69" spacing you can rest easy knowing that even the smallest dog will be safe.


Our Pool style iron fence is a design with purpose. A smooth top rail and flush bottom rail meets National BOCA Pool Code and as a result most local pool codes. What makes it a great pool fence also makes it a great barrier for a patio, deck, or on top of a wall when combined with our welded post flanges. Our Pool style is a modern design with many practical uses.