Iron Fence with Add-on Decorations in the Snow

Our 6ft Tall Signature Grade Classic Iron Fence with Add-on Decorations

Looking for a custom iron fence, but not wanting to deal with the custom lead time? Try using our cast-aluminum add-on decorations with our stocked fence panels. In this project example, our standard 6ft tall Classic style Stronghold Iron fence in Signature grade was used in combination with our Cape Cod and Butterly add-on decorations.

Iron Fence Customized with Add-on Decorations

The add-on decorations fit over one side of the picket and then get secured with a self-tapping screw. So you will come up with and arrange the pattern on the fence panel.

6ft Tall Stronghold Iron Fence with Add-on Decorations

In the example here, each row on the picket was made up of two Cape Cod decorations turned towards each with a small Butterfly decoration added at the top and bottom as well as between the upper rails.

Stronghold Iron Fence in Classic Style with Add-on Decorations

The add-on decorations take a little planning to make work, but they add a really cool and custom look to our Stronghold Iron fence panels!

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