Racking an Aluminum Fence Panel to Follow Yard Grade, Hills and Slopes

In an ideal world, your yard would be level, flat and fence ready. However, that is rarely the case in the real world. When utilizing our Infinity Aluminum fence you have an advantage due to the construction of the fence panels and their ability to rack.

Aluminum Fence Racked to Follow the HIll in a Yard
Aluminum Fence Racked to Follow the HIll in a Yard

With the aluminum fence panels having this screwed together construction, you can angle the railing while the picket remains upright. This is often referred to a ‘racking’ action and its utilized to follow downhill or uphill grades in your yard.

Since its easier to demonstrate racking an aluminum fence panel rather than racking it, we did a YouTube video showing how it works and what it looks like.  Check out our video below to see how the aluminum fence panels can be racked to follow grade, slope or a hill in your yard if its not even and flat:


Our standard Infinity Aluminum fence panels can rack 10” over the 6ft Traditional or the 8ft Signature panel width. That means that from one side of the aluminum fence panel to the other, you can compensate for a change in yard slope up to 10” for the 6ft or 8ft width of the panel.

Aluminum Fence Using the Racking Action to Follow a Sloped Yard
Aluminum Fence Using the Racking Action to Follow a Sloped Yard

One thing to keep in mind is that the goal isn’t to so much follow every little dip and change in the yard with the fence. The racking action is more for when you have a continual slope over a run that the fence needs to run down.

I hope this has helped illustrate what ‘racking’ an aluminum fence panel means. If your yard’s slope exceeds the 10” over 6ft rack of our panels, have no fear. We have ways in addition to racking to work with steeper slopes. Just give us your project details and we can review different options.

Got more questions about following grade or racking our aluminum panels? Give us a call at 800-261-2729 or shoot an email to [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you!


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