The Different Types of Aluminum Fence Posts

Aluminum Fence Rail Installs Into Punched Post
Aluminum Fence Rail Installs Into Punched Post

When it comes to installing an aluminum fence, one of the big differences from iron fencing is that the aluminum posts are specialized to serve a specific function.

Unlike an iron fence that bolts uses a bracket and bolts between the posts, aluminum fence panels fit inside a punched hole in the posts. So where the post will be located in your layout will dictate what type of aluminum fence post is required.

Check out our YouTube video below to see the different post types or read on below:

There are 5 types of specialized aluminum post that could be used in your installation. They are Line, End, Corner, Gate End and Blank posts. Before we go through each specialized post, I wanted to show you how to identify the post without the fence installed.

The Different Aluminum Fence Post Configurations
The Different Aluminum Fence Post Configurations

You will notice that the post has these punched indentations on the face of the post here.


Aluminum Fence Posts Will have Routed Punches on Them . Where the Punches are Located Dictates what Type of Aluminum Fence Post it is
Aluminum Fence Posts Will have Routed Punches on Them . Where the Punches are Located Dictates what Type of Aluminum Fence Post it is

That punched area of the post is where your aluminum fence panel rail will install. You will also note that our post punches are shaped to match the rail, unlike our competitors that just put a big square punch in the post. We do this because it not only looks cleaner and gives a tighter connection, but also to keep bugs like nesting wasps and yellow jackets from turning your fence post into a colony of stinging bugs.

So now that you know where to look to identify the type of specialized aluminum post, let’s look at each one individually.

End Post

An end post will have punched holes on one face of the post. As the name denotes, this post would be freestanding at an end on your layout such as up against your house or where the fence ends when going in a straight line. So the fence would only make one connection to an end post.

Line Post

A line post will be punched on two opposite sides of the post. You will typically see line posts in the middle of your fence run. You can think of them as your ‘in-between’ post as they will always be in-between corners and ends of your fence layout. A line post will always have two fence connections.

Corner Post

A corner post will have adjacent punches 90 degrees from each other. The will be used to turn your fence line and send it in a new direction. A corner posts will always have two fence connections.

Gate End Post

As with the End post we began with, the post is only punched on one side. However, the difference between an End post and a Gate End post is thickness and purpose. The Gate End post is almost twice as thick and heavy as a standard End post. If you pick both up, there will be no mistaking one for the other. The Gate End post is thicker because we are going to hang our gates off them. With the leverage forces a gate can exert on a post, we want a beefier post to hang the gate from. A Gate End post will always have one fence connection and one gate connection from either the hinge or latch side of the gate.

Blank Post

Lastly, we have our Blank post. It’ referred to as a blank post, because unlike the other aluminum fence posts it has no punches on any face of the post. Like the Gate End post we just looked at, the blank post is a heavier-duty, thicker post. You won’t typically have a blank post used in the average aluminum fence installation. Its usually only used in special situations such as mounting an aluminum gate by itself with no fence attached.

I hope this has helped illustrate the different types of specialized aluminum fence posts and how they are used. If you are considering an aluminum fence, be sure to give your Iron Fence Shop® salesperson a layout drawing or general shape so they can ensure you get the proper posts with your order.

If you have any other questions about the specialized aluminum posts and how they are utilized, give us a call at 800-261-2729 or shoot an email to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


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