A Custom Iron Fence Testimonial from Illinois!

A Custom Iron Fence Built to Fit Existing Brick Openings

We built a custom iron fence for John that would fit his existing beautiful brick work in front of his home.

We took our existing 3ft tall Classic iron fence and added a second upper rail for a more custom look. We also built the fence panels and gates to spec so that John could install the pieces with no cutting. Here’s what John had to say and some beautiful pics of the finished project:


Here are some photos of the installed fence.

It looks great!

Thanks, John

3ft Iron Fence Custom Built to Fit a Beautiful Brick Wall with Columns

A Custom 3ft Iron Fence with 3 Rails and Spec Sizes

A Custom 3ft Tall Iron Fence Built to Fit Between Existing Brick Columns

A Custom Wrought Iron Fence Built to Fit a Brick Wall Top and Knee Wall

Great job on the DIY install John! Thanks for the pics!

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I've been working in the fence industry since 2009 with a wide array of installation, sales and marketing experience. I've had lots of experience with different types of iron and aluminum fence and gate installations. Generally a 'DIY' kind of guy when it comes to a wide array of projects.

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