A Beautiful Combination: Iron Fence with Brick Walls and Brick Columns

A 3ft Tall Custom Stronghold Iron Fence with Brick Walls and Columns

In my opinion, one of the most regal and beautiful landscaping looks is our Stronghold Iron fence installed with brick columns and walls. It is a timeless and classy look.

Stronghold Iron Fence Panels with Brick Wall

The fence in these pictures is a custom version of our 3ft tall Stronghold Iron fence in Classic style and Traditional grade.

3ft Tall Iron Fence on a Brick Wall

The only custom item on this fence is the additional horizontal rail at the top. Our standard stocked 3ft tall Classic iron fence panel only has one upper rail under those decorative finial tips.

An iron fence used in conjunction with brick columns and a brick wall

This iron fence was installed on the wall top with core-drilled posts on each end. However, there are also surface mount flange posts or connecting the panels directly to the columns as well.

A custom 3ft tall iron fence core-drilled and wall mounted

All in all, a great example of how well our Stronghold Iron fence complements beautiful brickwork for a classy and timeless look.

Iron Fence and Brick Work – A Beautiful Combination!
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