Iron Fence vs. Aluminum Fence – Which is Stronger?

Wondering if iron fence or aluminum fence will stand up to more abuse?  Read on to see which fence material is stronger.

Wrought Iron and Aluminum Fence Finials Standard
Wrought Iron Fence Finials

Before we get too far into this, I will start off by saying that hands down, the iron pieces are much stronger, durable and more heavy-duty than their aluminum counterparts. The properties that make aluminum lighter and rust-free also make them easier to bend or break than steel and iron.  To give you some perspective between the two, a 6×8 Signature Grade fence panel in iron weighs about 120 lbs whereas its aluminum counterpart only weighs about 40 lbs.  There’s just more beef in the iron pieces.

However, that doesn’t mean aluminum fence is weak and bends at the slightest pressure.  BUT, this is going to be highly dependent on the aluminum fence product you choose.  There are many more aluminum products on the market than iron ones.  That is because aluminum is easier to produce and cut corners on.  If you see an aluminum fence panel at a low cost, I can almost guarantee you will be severely disappointed in them when you see it in person.  Small items like the quality of the railing, the size and tightness of rail and post punches and gate construction can easily be hidden with small and vague photos on a website or Amazon/ eBay.

While not as strong as our Stronghold Iron®, our Infinity Aluminum® fences do possess a lot of strength and durability.  Especially if you bump up to our Signature Grade Infinity Aluminum® with larger finials, pickets and posts.  There are some extremely flimsy aluminum products on the market (usually the ones that seem almost too low priced to be true) that will bend at the slightest pressure.  Our Infinity Aluminum® is not one of them.  We manufacture our aluminum fences and gates in proper thicknesses and add touches like beveled rails and boxed gate frames that go a long way in adding structural strength to the pieces.

That being said for our Infinity Aluminum® line, if you need something beefy and heavy-duty, our Stronghold Iron® line is the way to go.  Heck, ‘strong’ is even in the name!  When push comes to shove and pressures are applied, the iron fence and gates will hold out much longer before bending than the aluminum ones.  Want even more peace-of-mind for strength?  Check out our Signature grade Stronghold Iron® products.  They are stronger than some of our competitor’s industrial grades!

Want to know more about the strength of our iron and aluminum fences and gates?  Give us a call at 800-261-2729 or shoot us an email at [email protected].  We’re here to help!

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