Rolling / Sliding / Cantilever Iron and Aluminum Driveway Gates


Example of One of Our Iron Driveway Gates Mounted to a Sliding Frame
Example of One of Our Iron Driveway Gates Mounted to a Sliding Frame

I often get asked why there are no rolling, sliding or cantilever gates listed on the website.  While we have made many of these gates custom, we do not stock a ‘standard’ version in the warehouse.  The reasons are two-fold:  Complexity and Cost.

First is complexity.  A standard swing gate is fairly simple to understand and install.  A rolling, sliding or cantilever gate takes more knowledge, time, hardware and set-up.  There are more components and hardware for these gates and improper installation can lead to binding and poor operation.  While we have had many do-it-yourselfers tackle it, these gates are more complex.  The gates are also harder to manipulate due to their size.  Any kind of rolling or cantilever gate requires a counterbalance tail that may be up to half the width of your gate.  So now that 12ft gate is an 18ft piece to move around and get into place.   Lastly, if you go with a cantilever gate, you will need to fabricate a tube frame for it on-site.

The second is cost.  A rolling, sliding or cantilever gate can easily cost 3x that of a swing gate.  Why?  The first is the size of the gate.  As previously mentioned above, these styles of gates need a counterbalance tail on them that adds to the material and width of the gate.  Second is all the hardware required.  A swing gate only needs 2 posts, hinges and a latch with drop rods.  A rolling, sliding or cantilever gate requires 3-5 posts, 3-5 roller wheels, 3-5wheel covers, frame wheels plus a v-track for sliders and a tube frame if cantilever.  Lastly is shipping.  These gates are typically spanning a large driveway in one piece whereas a swing gate is often split into two pieces.  So where I only need to ship two 10ft leafs for the 20ft swing gate, I have to ship a 30ft long pallet that requires special handling charges for a 20ft sliding gate.

So, what this boils down to is that if it will work for your setup, go with a swinging driveway gate.

However, if clearance issues require you to use a rolling, sliding or cantilever gate; just give us a call and we can work through your options.  The best ‘middle ground’ is to do what is pictured above and build the rolling / sliding / cantilever frame locally and then mount our gate to the front as a decorative element.  That also makes it less likely to interfere with the gate hardware.

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